Anne Leighton

Good Gentlewoman

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 I am revisiting the story of one of my favourite St John ladies, Anne Leighton.

Anne Leighton grew up during the volatile period of political intrigue and religious fervour that marked the end of the Tudor period and the beginning of the Stuart. The daughter of professional soldier Sir Thomas Leighton and Elizabeth Knollys, who shared a Boleyn ancestry with Queen Elizabeth I, Anne was the first wife of Sir John St. John 1st Baronet.

Knollys,Elizabeth01 Elizabeth Knollys, Lady Leighton

Anne was christened on October 14, 1591 at the parish church of St. Mary the Virgin, Hanbury. Four miles from Droitwich, Hanbury in Worcestershire was the Leighton family seat. However it is likely she spent most of her childhood in Guernsey where her father was appointed Governor in 1570 and remained until his death in 1610.

With her royal pedigree and wealthy background Anne received…

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